Welcome Carole Sullivan

Hello Spring :

At long last, one of my consulting partners, Carole Sullivan, is ready to join me in an expanded executive coaching practice.  We will be focusing on themes like,  “How to Achieve Want you Really Want at Work and in Life” and once you get that promotion or reach your goal, “How to Maintain the Balance of Priorities in Your Life and Find both Work and Life Satisfaction.”

Carole and I will both be working with clients individually and in sponsored workshops around the country.  Stayed tuned for what comes next.

Dr. Kathy Jordan

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Practice the Art of Forgiveness at Work and in Life

The wise woman in me asks why it takes so long to understand familiar principles.  Does it take a certain amount of life experience to understand the veracity of simple truths?  Are we too busy rushing through the days to consider the  truth about right and wrong and how healing must include the act of forgiveness.

As I sit and contemplate the work issues women discuss with me  in coaching sessions,  I know that often the conversation is about a “wrong” or “hurt” that happened years ago in a different setting. Because a woman still carries this wound, it continues to color what she experiences today.  She may avoid certain opportunities,  responsibilities, and future happiness because of a negative experience in the past. Why is it so hard to say to ourselves,  “Yes what happened was not right but I am going to put it behind me and move forward?”  I am going to forgive the people involved.  Is it our egos?

Yesterday I wrote about self-reflection and contemplation as gifts and now I am saying the practice of reflection can also help you deal with adversity.  Today I am talking about the unavoidable work conflicts we all experience at one time or another and how we move forward.

One of the chapters in my book is about conflict in the workplace, and my advice is it is best to always remember your work life s not your total life and a business decision should not be seen as a personal decision.   A difference of opinion about how to do the job may seem like a personal attack or that the person in the conflict does not value you.  However as critical as the conflict may seem in the short-term, ask yourself will this difference of opinion and who wins be as important to me a year from now? Does this conflict impact my life in a major way?  Listen to your inner voice.

Don’t be a victim in conflict but learn how to let the less important issues become part of  the scenery and not stop the entire play. I counsel that often you will be a better person to carry a memory of a conflict’s issues  forward but not give the memory permission to change your life.   You may be further ahead by simply putting the conflict away and walking forward.  

As difficult as this advice is to both give and receive……sometimes it is best to walk forward armed with knowledge but open to the world of possibilities.  Vow to not make the same mistake twice. Knowing yourself and your values helps in any conflict at work or in life.


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When God Gives You Lemonade What’s a Woman to Do?

Four weeks ago today, I fell during my daily fitness walk and dislocated both elbows and broke my forearms.  In one moment, life changed for a strong independent and very busy woman.  We know this can happen to any of us but how often do we rush head long through life, even our  times designed for physical and mental health?  I know about the importance of living in the moment but was not “in the moment” when I fell as I was thinking about everything but the walking.

Now four weeks later and half way through the initial healing process, I am beginning to recognize the gift that I have received.  My life for the past forty years has been about helping others.  Never in my wildest dreams had I really considered what it would be like for me not to be able to help others or not be able to take care of life’s basic needs for myself.  Losing the use of both of my arms has a way on insuring you no longer take life for granted.  Just touching my face or feeding myself was a chore.  I can only imagine how those who have been hurt permanently must feel.

During this time I occupied myself with self-reflection, one of the life principals I teach in my book, VOICES Words From Wise Women and discussed often as part of my coaching practice.  Self-reflection is so critical to career and life success, and yet I had neglected to implement it myself on an annual basis.  Too busy helping others, I guess. This is a problem for many women; too busy to help themselves.

What a gift the fall was as now I have spent four weeks reflecting about where I traveled in life and setting goals about where I still want to go.  I  understand again how even the teacher must slow down to  in order to be more effective.  Why did it take an unfortunate fall to bring me back to what is critical, reflection on our blessings?

I am giving myself a break and counting us all human. So when, as they say life gives you lemonade, make sure you take the time to understand the problem and how you got there, and then develop a plan to move forward.  Many of the most poignant success stories in life come from people who have “fallen” down more than once but continued to get up to move forward again.


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Another Woman Becomes President in Higher Education

Another client of mine, Dr. Anne Blackhurst, was named last week as President of the University of Minnesota Morehead.  Congratulations, Anne!  You will be a fine president and we will all be looking forward to your accomplishments.  Anne understood at the beginning of her search that she must be 110% committed to her goal of becoming a president and put all of her effort into the interviewing process.  As a marathon runner and an educator who dedicated herself to becoming the best in her profession, she brought her personal skills, knowledge, and previous experiences to the table during the entire process.  You will be a role model for other women seeking to make a difference in their fields.  Kudos. Best of luck!

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Sheryl Sandberg Adds Her Voice to the new Dialog About Women at Work

If you watched or read any news outlet this week you know that Facebook’s successful Chief Operating Officer and newly minted billionaire, Sheryl Sandberg, has just released a book about women in leadership roles, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.  I have it ordered and will begin reading it Wednesday.  You need to read some of the reviews.  Sheryl joins a growing list of  “Wise Women” who are thoughtful, experienced and have achieved some career success and now want to ease the path for other women in the workplace.  Kudos to Sheryl.


Recently published books point to issues blocking women from top positions in business and the non-profit world. 

  • Our educational institutions graduate more women every year than men but the number of CEOs and Board Members remains low
  • Many women leave the workplace after spending years in middle management and not getting promoted into executive roles 
  • More women are starting entrepreneurial work options than ever before  
  • Women still earn 70 cents on the dollar of what men earn in comparable positions


Every woman knows what the issues are at work and it is up to all of us to create a new discussion of the disparities in salaries and promotions we face.  In fact this is also important to men who have a wife, daughter, mother, or friend working to sustain them through work. We all have a stake in this conversation.


The subtle discrimination that over half of our US workers deal with in their career development continues even in 2013.  Women ask me all of the time, “How can I be promoted in my current workplace?”  “Why is the man in the next office still making more than I am since I have the same educational background and level of experience?”  I was asked recently in a television interview, “Why the economic downturn has so severely impacted women in hiring, promotion, and downsizing efforts? “ The answer is that long held, cultural stereotypes still persist in men and women’s perceptions about work and careers


Sounds like Lean In is a must read.  I also suggest you also put on your reading list, How Remarkable Women Lead written by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston from the McKinsey Consulting group.  Last year in my book, Voices Words From Wise Women,

I shared advice and leadership tools through the stories of many successful women who were interviewed the last twenty years. The more you read the more you understand how pervasive the issue of UNDER employment for women continues even in 2013!



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Yesterday one of my clients, Dr. Connie Gores, was appointed President of Southwest Minnesota State University.  It was incredible feeling to see another woman who has worked her entire career to achieve a goal reach the pinnacle of her field.  I am confident that she has the skills, knowledge, and character to become one of the best women presidents in higher education.  Stay tuned in to see the results of her work with the Mustangs of Marshall Minnesota.   Celebrate the accomplishment and anticipate the future.


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It’s on my list that I’m checking twice for a successful holiday season!

It’s time to get back to blogging about women, leadership, and work & life Balance

Here’s a question I often ask my clients, “When was the last time you thought about not following up on that personal goal?”  Or the question might go, “So when was the last time you truly did something for yourself?” 

Ahh…life it runs away from you.  Women get so busy …..that their personal time to pursue spiritual reflection, read a new book, take a class, or pursue healthful practices of self-care like exercise, drinking enough water and watching their eating …all of  those personal things just seem to get forgotten.  I am no exception here and it is especially true during the holidays.  I have been so…busy with work and life that I have not even blogged.  My reflections about women and our universal issues are an important part of my life and my self-care but it just hasn’t gotten done lately. My apologies readers.

This over worked and out of time feeling is an almost universal condition for women who work, have families, and busy lives.  This is especially true as we approach the end of the year.  In fact “Finding the Balance” is one of the topics from my book, VOICES Words From Wise Women and it gets discussed in every group of women with whom I speak.  It’s not just me…but “Every Woman” who struggles with  balance.  How do we develop successful work lives, keep our personal lives going, and take time for our self-care related to the mind, body, and spirit?  Not an easy task.  Rule Number 1:  Be conscious of the need to find balance every day of your life.  I will be thinking about it and writing every day so stay tuned.  Here come the holidays!!! KJ

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